Benefits include:

  • Free legal advice in all rental and housing needs; Even with rented commercial space
  • Exchange of letters with landlords and public authorities
  • Written advice in all rental and housing matters
  • Free tenant-newspaper
  • Legal protection via the Itzehoer legal protection insurance
  • Collection of court decisions
  • Rental agreement, house rules, record of delivery

Low cost Membership

Private tenants:

Contribution per annum incl. rent legal protection insurance:

99,00 EUR

Admission fee:

15,00 EUR*

Student rate per annum:

87,00 EUR**

* 20,00 EUR if no direct debit authorization was granted
** after presenting a certificate of study

Business tenants (excl. rent legal protection insurance):

Contribution per annum incl. rent legal protection insurance:

177,00 EUR

Admission fee:

15,00 EUR*

* 20,00 EUR if no direct debit authorization was granted

Good to know

  • We would require a direct debit authorization should you choose to complete your membership online.
  • The minimum membership is 2 full calendar years. A termination of your membership has to be in writing with a three-month deadline at the end of the year. If the contract is not terminated, it will automatically be renewed for another year.
  • The consultation in our offices is free. For each letter we manage on your behalf, we charge a cost sharing fee of €3,00.
  • If you are a member already and promote a new member, we will credit your membership account with 22,50 € contributions.

Legal Protection

As a member of our tenant association you are insured under the terms of the rental insurance, as soon as we have notified you accordingly to the insurer.

In the event of a court dispute the insurance company assumes the legal expenses and the attorneys (also of the opponent) within the framework of the contractual agreements and the general terms and conditions of the legal protection insurance, if and to the extent that you have to bear them. Only one self-participation per insurance case must be taken over by you.

Our insurer:
Itzehoer legal protection and damage services GmbH
Itzehoer Platz
25521 Itzehoe
Tel.-Nr.: 04821 / 773-669
Fax-Nr.: 04821 / 773-647

Here is a brief overview of the most important agreements in the group insurance, concluded by the tenant association with the insurer:

1. The court is responsible for the legal interests of our members from their rent or lease contract for the self-occupied dwelling in Germany in their capacity as tenant, sub-tenant or leaseholder. This does not include for example the disputes between housing neighbours or with administrative authorities on account of housing rights or similar issues. In exceptional cases extrajudicial remuneration may also be insured with the opponent. A second apartment or additionally rented garage or similar is insurable against further contributions. For each insurance case the Itzeho legal protection insurance covers up to € 20,000.00 (with a deductible of € 150.00 per legal protection case).

2. The insurance cover begins with the date reported by the tenant association to the Itzeho legal protection. A three-month waiting period applies. Gross claims charges that occur prior or during the waiting period are not covered. If you have switched from another tenant association company without a time gap in between the membership periods and if you were registered as insured throughout this time, no new waiting period will occur in the new insurance relation. With the termination of membership the insurance cover ends. The same applies in the event of a member’s death with the exception of the immediate handling of his tenancy by his heirs.

3. The insured event is not the beginning of the legal dispute. It is deemed to have occurred at the time when the insured, the opponent or a third party has or might have begun to violate legal obligations or legislation.

4. After the occurrence of an insurance event, every member in their own interest has to seek immediate advice at the tenant association. The matter must be seriously given the opportunity to be dealed with out of court by means of consultation, correspondence and / or negotiations, ie avoiding a trial. In addition the insurer must immediately be informed of the start of any legal dispute. Any costs triggered by the measures taken (such as the lodgement of a lawsuit or appeal) must be agreed with the insurer beforehand. In case of a breach of one of these obligations, the insurer may reject the protection in full or in part, according to the severity of the infringement. The notification of the damage must be made by the tenant association. This examines and confirms the Itzehoe legal protection, whether a preliminary consultation took place, the membership fee was paid, etc. Please note that an explanation and reproduction of the terms of insurance cannot be complete here, and the choice of words cannot always be as in the contract text. Otherwise the framework of this leaflet would be blown. If you have any questions, please contact the tenant association.

Sender's details for the leaflet and stamp of the shipping company: date: 01/2015